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Facebook’s social brand philosophy

At the PMD (Preferred Marketing Developer) Conference in London a couple of weeks ago, a Senior Facebook Strategist introduced us to Facebook’s CEII Framework. The cryptic acronym stands for Connect, Engage, Influence and Integrate.

Facebook CEII Framework stands for Connect, Engage, Influence and Integrate

The Friend Analogy
Facebook tells the story like this (loosely interpreted):

Through a common buddy, you are introduced to a bloke named Stringfellow (Connect). Through many lightweight interactions (Engage) you build up trust. This eventually becomes a relationship and at some point (Influence), you can start cultivating common interests. This could be picnics (Stringfellow really likes picnics), going to the movies or even holidays like a ski trip together (Integrate).

Though the simple example is a bit rigid, I have been contemplating the framework for some time and trying to translate it to how brands interact with their fans and have to some degree come to peace with the concept.

BFF - Brands’ Best Friends
I will explain each step in detail over the next weeks but here’s the gist of it:

  • In a combination of acquiring new fans and reaching the friends of your existing fans through conversation, you get new connections (Connect).
  • By posting interesting and emotionally engaging content that is close to your brand values, you get the users to resonate (Engage).
  • After many lightweight interactions, you will build up trust and the likelihood of the fans relaying your messages will increase (Influence). 
  • This is where the “big favor” comes in. At some point you’ll want your fans to attend an event, install an app or fill out a survey (Integrate), all the while keeping up the lightweight interactions.

Hopefully this primer have gotten you curious about how this works in action, so check back soon for the continuation.

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